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Whatever it is you enjoy—working, playing, reading, visiting or just taking in the scenery—you are dependent on your eyesight.

We have developed an eye care facility that offers world class care right here in Traverse City. We believe every patient in Northern Michigan deserves the best technology available anywhere.

Because you will be looking through your new lens implants for the rest of your life, it's important for you to understand your options. Some lenses best correct at distance, some at near, some at both distance and near, and some for astigmatism. For these reasons, no one lens is right for every patient.

During the course of your evaluation, we will determine if you are a candidate for advanced diagnostics and advanced technology lenses.

Normal Lens
Cloudy Lens

A cataract is a haze that develops in the natural lens of your eye. This lens is like a camera lens that helps focus everything you see. As you age, this lens becomes brittle and cloudy—it's like a frost developing on a window. Cataracts mature at different speeds and can develop in one or both eyes. Cataracts can sometimes take years to change, while others change in a few months.

What are the symptoms?

  •  Sharp images become blurry.
  •  Vibrant colors become dull.
  •  Bright lights produce halos or wash out your field of view.
  •  Seeing at night becomes more difficult.
  •  Glasses or contacts may no longer help.

Your Options

Choosing your new lens and surgery experience is an important lifetime event. We are here to help.

Your surgeon will perform a complete evaluation to determine the cause of your visual difficulties. If a cataract is the reason for your symptoms, we will explain the options for lens types to best suit your needs and lifestyle.

The best way to treat a cataract is with surgery, where your natural cloudy lens is removed and replaced with a new, clear, artificial lens. We offer the latest surgical technology, lens options and advanced diagnostic measurements to help us give you your best possible vision.

Cedar Run Eye Center is the first in Northern Michigan to offer the use of femtosecond lasers in cataract surgery.

Laser precision in cataract surgery and advanced lens technology allow us to achieve better results than ever before. Nearly all insurance policies cover most costs associated with standard cataract surgery. There are additional charges for advanced technology.

Options Available at Cedar Run Eye Center:

Monofocal Astigmatism Presbyopia
Traditional Lens Toric Specialty Lens Range of Focus /
Multifocal Lens
Provides good vision at one distance (Typically far vision) through a fixed monofocal lens. Corrects the blurring and distortion caused by astigmatism. Corrects vision with a combination of near, intermediate and distance vision.
Glasses may or may not be needed full-time after surgery. The goal is to substantially reduce the need for glasses.* The goal is to substantially reduce the need for glasses.*
Covered by Medicare. Partial coverage by Medicare (Consult with our staff). Partial coverage by Medicare (Consult with our staff).
* Results and specific range of vision to be discussed with your eye surgeon.

The Cataract & Laser Surgery Center

Our on-site center for laser and cataract surgery provides easy access, convenience and cost savings. Hospitalization is not required.

Recovery Time

Many patients return to normal activities the next day but some limitations may apply based your level of activity. Vision recovery can vary from patient to patient, and can take 1-4 weeks. Patients typically will schedule their cataract surgery for their second eye a few weeks later. It is important to wait until the first eye is at a safe point in recovery before pursuing surgery in the second eye.

What are the risks?

Thanks to medical advances, cataract surgery is one of the safest and most successful procedures performed today. However, there are risks. Some risks include loss of vision, retinal detachment, retinal swelling, corneal swelling and infection. We expect that 98% of our patients having cataract surgery will not experience any delay in their recovery.

Do cataracts come back after surgery?

No, and the new lens implant stays clear. There is a normal clear membrane which is behind the lens called the posterior capsule. In some patients, the membrane may become cloudy in time. In this case, a simple laser procedure treats the cloudy membrane.

Since you will be looking through these lenses for the rest of your life, we want you to understand your options. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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